Careful: Life in #NYC can be Tricky

It was still fashion week. I saw many inspirational shows; I felt fortunate for the opportunity to see such beauty in “Real Time”. But this was an event that focused on education, and the streets were full of security forces. My high heels seem symbolic;

Careful Where you walk: Tread Lightly


As I walked to the Waldorf Astoria, I saw so many police and security forces, that I felt I was somewhere other than my very safe neighborhood: . Obama was in town, the UN was in session and Dignitaries , Princes, and Kings were staying at the destination i was walking too.

The walk was remarkable easy, all of the streets were cordoned off, and our city’s finest were everywhere. I knew this on one level, but walking though this noisy reality,  was an epiphany of the alarming kind. Am I walking in the eye of the storm?

I was, in fact. President Obama was across the street, but many UN representatives were here at the Waldorf-Astoria, and the security was tighter than than of any airport. We were stopped, our metal things went through a detector, and ID was presented in order to enter. Everyone looked like security guards,  including the Princes and Kings!

I noted with a cringe, that someone asked one of the Heads of State for directions to the bathroom.

A photo of the luxurious hotel when I arrived. A security van is set up, and a long airport style line was formed for security reasons ( all bottom left)  At least we could keep our shoes, on!  With my high platforms-  removing them would have been less that graceful.

Our cities finest, and bravest, were out in full force. Not unusual, any more.

I arrived without incident. I was grateful to be in such a beautiful place. Beauty has a calming effect on me: as if everything is in the best possible position and that harm can be thwarted in this way. 

Here are photos of the inside of he Waldorf-Astoria. Though the world may be troubled, this institution remains solid and lovely.

The mosaic floor,  so grand, in its painstaking details , and a luminous chandelier in the finest cut crystal. The paradox of it all: the juxtaposition of luxury against the cool blue police force -standing vigil, ever watchful.

Once there, I felt relaxed. Maybe it was the immediate service of champagne and crab cakes. Or perhaps it was the illusion of luxury: in a place as lovely as this- surely nothing bad could happen?

I asked a stranger to take my photo. It is not a great shot, but I am there– a smile even! I edited it with sepia tones to reflect how I felt. even though I am smiling.

I met my sister, and the function that we were there to attend was lovely. Flowers were everywhere, in every corner.

A close up of my lace blouse, pearl trimmed belt, and eyelet jacket:

After the presentation for Elon University was over, ( the school that my nephew attends) – which was so impressive,  and so well attended-  I was happy to go outside, once again, just to check on my city.

Was it alright? It seems it was, although it was eerily quiet on my way home. Which gave me a great opportunity to take photos of the windows on 57th street, all the way home. That will be the next post!

Outfit details

Skirt, Chanel ~ Via Michael’s Consignment, Blouse and Belt via ~ Paola Poggi, . Lined eyelet jacket is Elie Tahari from Spring 2014, similar here . Platform maryjanes here,  Earrings, vintage Chanel, via 1stdibs.com, similar here and here.

Tell me, are you also a bit worried about the welfare of your city, or do you feel calm and reassured? Let me know! Have a great week, Dearest Readers!

XOXOXO     Elle     XOXOXO

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