The Way Home: Heavy Steps on Fancy Streets

I feels like long ago that I took these shots of my neighborhood stores. So much In the news has been occupying my heart and mind. The future of my country, the outlook for my children; what will become of it? To my core. I am worried.




I left the Waldorf Astoria with my heart in my guts.  The police force is surrounding my city. And there is good reason for it. Everything that my city , and country stands for,  may be brought to its knees. I may walk this same path in 4 months and barely recognize it. This is not hyperbole, this is the sad and rawest truth.

But since my focus is on fashion,  I will not dwell on this pathology. I will simply show you the glorious windows I saw on my quiet walk home,  and hope that nothing of my fears comes to fruition.

On 57th Street, taking advantage of the emptied streets, I look night time photos of the great fashion houses that line my home address. Below, damask, olive drab, argyle, and sandals: the look from Prada.

Below, the focus is on footwear and harlequin marble, lit with sharp mustard and fiery red: via Prada.

Open weave stockings- single strap sandals, red brocade, and a fur shrug.  Python, “animal instincts, survival of the fittest,” in the background.

Above, Saint Laurent looks fresh, hip, vaguely accessible.

Below, the next five shots from Miu Miu.

Below the tweedy signature of Chanel, marching forward.

Fendi is below, highlighting saturated colors in a wavy, hallucinogenic induced pattern. A nod to a mod sixties tone. Initials, logos, yes, all there.

Up close, saturated, and furry. This is Fendi at the flagship store.

The walk home is surreal; there is virtually no one on this block and hardly anyone that I can see around me. I am so glad for these beautiful windows, and the way art and beauty can help you feel peaceful.

Since I took these shots, there has been so much in the news that is troubling- deeply so. Our country; an open minded, intelligent, kind, and polite society, has shown some nasty traits to the world and its citizens. The vitriol and sheer meanness is new and shocking. I do not know what our country will be like soon. How will the world be affected?

I am glad I can cling to love, my family, my reasoning skills, my good neighbors and close friends.

I am grateful I have access to art , beauty, and fashion, yes, that, too. Anything that elevates the mood, and lightens the load is a very good thing.

I wish you peace and beauty, dear readers.

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