Buttoned Up: Fringed , and Floral

Hello, and happy Summer! OK, it is not, but at 80 + degrees today, if sure feels like it. I have been wearing knee length skirts for weeks now, a light jacket, and only boots as a nod to Fall.

In the city, the trees are still green, and the flowers are colorful. Normally it is mums and cabbages this time of year, but I am not complaining: I am following suit, with a purple and yellow skirt, and fringed graphic tee .

You have seen my Mark Cross Grace bag before. I love this chic and boxy bag, bought years before it became a quiet “it bag”. I looks nice with pink flowers, no?

I found a quiet spot near my neighborhood and asked a lovely lady, with the cutest dog. to snaps some pics.  She was kind enough to do so. Here is the lovely little spot I almost walked by.

Above,  a close-up of my floral skirt trimmed in purple lace. Below, a selfie I , very new to me, and I am not good at this, but it did give another perspective of the outfit while walking,

Below, flowers spotted later that day, planted at the base of each tree on a lovely street., and trees with green leaves still hanging on- like I am , with the summer weather – an unexpected gift.

I will not leave you without sharing a snap of the dog!

Today is a good day. I surely hope it is for you. What did you do today?

Outfit details:

Button front jacket here .  I will not all it a military jacket, though that is what Marks & Spencer calls it.  I like the double breasted look and the quality is very nice. My floral skirt was thrifted for 3 dollars, which is good because the booties were costly, even split in half with my twin, who will share them me. They represent my one and only splurge this year. My tee was also from Marks & Spencer, from the children’s department. but it is sold out. My bag can be found at  They come in three sizes,  check the site for embellished ones, too, they are so gorgeous. eBay has a few, also , if you are looking for one that is gently loved.

Your comments make my day !