Memorial Day Weekend 2017, &beyond a bit

Happy Monday! I hope you holiday weekend was great and you are now enjoying solid summer weather. 

I am sharing a few shots of my Memorial Day weekend, including a fabulous wedding, some baby swans on Georgica pond, and a few highlights from the festive holiday week.

I will not share many images of the wedding that are personal, but the setting was gorgeous, The most thoughtful and beautiful arranged wedding, was right on the beach, at a yacht club. The weather was perfect.

My hair was done, but the only shots of me are after dancing for quite a while, so I don’t look too polished, My lace dress was so comfortable. It looks like a recent Dolce and Gabbana, but I got it 10 years ago in Southhampton, in a shop that is now closed.

 It was designed and made in Paris, and was not too expensive!

It was a bit chilly when the sun went down, so a I am standing by the fireplace. I did not edit this. You might recognize my white topaz necklace from

I am still battling a bit of a bug that I have been hosting for too long!

The opening shot in the collage, has me running errands in preparation for the weekend. Me in my natural state; running errands in a bit of a rush- the nagging question that tends to dwell in my mind- DID I FORGET SOMETHING?

Chilling out after the wedding weekend, I am at my my sister’s, watching her dog frighten the swans.  Stop that!  I did get a few shots of them without the adorable pup.

And now a shot of the cutest little menace of the Swans, actually it was her “brother dog”, but I did not get a clean shot. Adorable, right? 

I have been glued to the news and that is never a good thing. I am happy to be closer to nature to take my mind off of frightening developments.

Tennis Anyone??  Me neither. My fever is almost gone, though!

Sending Love stylish readers!

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