Summer Heat / Cool Denim for July Fourth Weekend

It is HOT; record breaking temps. Again! The sun is absorbed into the city streets and I think about climate change instead of swimming pools! Such is the time we live in. Cool denim, and airy blouses help me stay cool, as does my polka dot fan. The fedora keeps the sun out of my eyes.

My distressed denim has holes, so air can circulate, my sandals are lace up; pretty flowers can snake up my feet, and I still stay cool. Wide, ruffled sleeves and a polka dot help too. Every bit of breeze counts!

My carpenter jeans were thrifted at LVIS for under 10 dollars, and my lace up floral sandals  are a recent purchases at The breezy blouse was an eBay purchase but no longer available. Other great lace up sandals from are here .  Mine are only available in size 6. I love the ones pictured below, and they are currently available, and under $25.00 each.

How COOL is that! NO, this is not a paid post! I just love this site!

I am loving my new polka dot fan from Extraordinary near me in Manhattan . The fan is available if you call, check out the link or visit!  Twenty dollars well spent! The link shows some super nice gift ideas, too. I love to shop local, small, and female-owned enterprises. Tick- tick-tick.

Below, I am in a MOOD.

Later that day I was shopping with a friend.  We walked and walked, and no, I wore rubber soled heels for that. We ended up at Oceana where we enjoyed the freshest lobster rolls and most delish Sparkling RĂ³se! Below an unedited snap of me after walking, with my new glasses,  a gift from my friend!

Shopping options for my blue ruffled sleeve blouse and here and here !

How are you staying Cool? Let me know, you know how!

Your comments make my day !