DapperQ: A Gender Fluid Runway Show @ Brooklyn Museum

I am an independent blogger as you know. This year I thought long and hard about which shows I wanted to attend and cover. ( Yes, belatedly still more to come) When I was invited to the dapperQ production featuring gender fluid style, with seven designers , I thought, YES!

This show was one of the most diverse runway shows ever, and on my blog, as in my life, I value inclusiveness.

I value that each of us feels comfortable in his or her skin, irrespective of sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, gender, and skin color.

Two opening shots credited to @Ali_Morf for The Elle Diaries

Over 1,000 guests in attendance below in the lovely museum space.

This runway show  provided an alternative to the traditional binary men’s/women’s shows. Gabby Rivera was the evening’s MC and she opened the show with a personal account about how fashion had been frought with emotional tension and shame. She concluded…. “your chose clothes can help you put that armor on and blossom!”

Below, from clothing designer Bindle & Keep

photo credit- Debbie-Jean Lemonte

Below: Clio Sage, with dry ice effect

photo credit, as above

Again, Clio Sage ; photo credit: Debbie-Jean Lamonte

Anita Dolce Vita, the show’s executive producer and owner of DapperQ states this relevant bit: “This years show felt more important that ever. Over the last eight months, we have seen attacks against out LGBTQ communities” .  The news coverage demonstrates these terrible events almost daily,  in my experience.

More images from the show, below, photos credited to Debbie-Jean Lamonte, below by Kris Harring

Below, Clothing designer Nicole Wilson, photo credit as above

Interspersing a  live shot from the show. Note, photos were hard to take with this standing only venue- credit to @ali_morf . I hope that by adding these shots you get the feel of being there !

Below Designer Sir New York

photo credit: Eric Jukelevics

Below The Tailory New York: photo 1: credit to Eric Jukelevics- photo 2: @ali-morf for The Elle Diaries

Below my personal favorite , an ensemble by Stuzo Clothing; photo credit to Molly Adams

I love this shot below by a chic attendee that you will see photos of later. -photo credit to Batel Mann –

Below Trans Model Peche Di,  in the Tailory New York

Photo credit: Debbie-Jean Lamonte

Below the final walk- Trans Top Model Loiza Lamers and Designer Shao Yang

and more shots by @ali_morf for the Elle Diaries.

The show was a well received crowd pleaser, as well as a truly historic event. One of the fabulous things about it too, were the stylish people there, so I am adding some shots of them, that I took. What fun was this!

Batel Mann sports a vinyl,  biker-chic look, with a twist of tomboy and uber-cool nonchalance . 

Two ladies looking luxe and on top of the world!

Lastly, a shot of moi taken just after the show, near the cafe.  Ali got a lot of fun shots of this look and the museum, that I will share soon in a #wiw type post.

DapperQ’s R/Evolution was presented in partnership with Brooklyn Museum with support by lighting sponsor TomboyX.

This is a sensitive subject for most. Please feel free to share your thoughts.  You know how. Have a great upcoming week as Fall finally becomes official. 

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