NYFW features A Gala Fundraiser For Cancer

In its annual official NYFW fundraising gala, Fashion Fun & Pop by Designer Richie Rich, the Carol Galvin Foundation presented lead fashion designer MIMI Tran.  BBTC Couture , Wicked Things Boutique, Rutu Bhonslé , and Dress Haute also showed their designs to an enthusiastic audience.

Outstanding performances by radio hit Meredith 0’Connor, wearing MIMI TRAN- with platinum recording artist Aaron Carter and Jay Hilfigerr dazzled, as did JoJo Siwia. It should be noted that Meredith 0’Connor is a noted anti -bullying champion as well as a beloved performance star.

Rick Galvin lost his mother to cancer and started a well known non- profit, the Carol Galvin Foundation, to help mothers battling with this disease.  HIs opening speech was moving. MIMI’s words below, too:

“I’m extremely thrilled to be coming together to support a cause that is so dear to me,” says Tran. “As a woman, it is extremely important for me to support and empower other women, especially those battling cancer.” –MIMI Tran

The night was a star studded spectacle, with live song performances, excellent D.J’s ( some little ones, too, so cute and talented ) and  glorious runway presentations by a slew of talented designers.

In all, the whole glorious Broadway experience, and the best yet: the proceeds went to cancer victims, one a  41 year old woman battling stage 4 breast cancer while supporting three children. It was emotional to see her on stage.

The following photos are not in any particular order, by that I mean, not consistently at a time. I chose the order more for the artistic appearance on this page. I am normally more methodical, but this Gala was emotional for me. This post will end with a video I commissioned by an- up and coming youtube star. @Ali-Morf. The video does a great job in telling the story of this magical night.

First and Fittingly, we start with an angel. (BBTC Couture)

Below Rutu Bhonslé:

Meredith O’Connor belted out an emotional performance- wearing MIMI Tran:

Below a different vibe from Richie Rich, ending in a candid after the show.

Below a candid of Richie Rich:

Lastly,  since it is my blog, I will show you a couple of shots of my looks, before, and during. I am wearing a tee, that says Girls Will Save the Future from @Aerie- I DO THINK AND HOPE THAT WILL COME TRUE – a black Valentino jacket and a Mark Cross Grace bag, the latter two upcyled.  Below I am with a friend and my photographers, just before the event. Lina is wearing Brunello Cucinello.

 On a personal note, I have lost a brother and father to cancer, so this event was meaningful to me. I covered MIMI Tran last year, and her talent was a big draw for me too. My photographers and I were  unable to get photos of her gowns and pieces at this event, because of some technical troubles the theater had in the beginning of the show. They were magnificent, ethereal and elegant.

A photo by Gerardo Vitale for the Elle Diaries from last year’s NYFW presentation. I just had to add it!

Please read my coverage of Mimi Tran last year from NYFW here .

MIMI Tran knows how to dress a woman, with form fitting elegance and flourishes of just the right embellishment. Please check out her site here.

Opening photos are mine, the rest and the video are credited to @ali_morf. Below the video produced by @ali-morf for The Elle diaries:

Have you lost friends and family to Cancer? I imagine the answer is yes… It is good to champion charities that help fund the victims and further research . Let me know your thoughts ! Get personal if you like.

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