Modern Love In a New World

Happy Tuesday Loves! Today I am highlighting a warm autumn day , unseasonably sunny, and a fabulous bridal show from Michal Medina.

It is bridal week, and Michal’s presentation is themed “Modern Love” .  I dressed in a romantic fashion for the event;  donning florals,  feathers and textured tights. (alliteration!  🙂 )

 Ah, Modern Love!

blogger attends bridal show

First, the gorgeous gowns from The Modern Love collection F/W 2018- from Michal Medina.  All images are mine.  But feel free to savor and share.

bridal week Michal Medina

Michal Medina Has been designing exquisite gowns for brides for over 25 years. She is meticulous in her craftsmanship and tailoring specifications.  Her distinctive designs are romantic and time-honored. I am pleased she called her latest collection Modern Love. It is a new age, after all.

open back bridal gown

Stunning bridal gown

You will see her designs are rich and luxurious;  alluring but still in keeping with tradition. The visual inspiration comes from the Art Deco period,  highlighting geometric forms and classic, rich materials. The embellishments are the icing on the cake for this finely crafted bridal collection. I do believe it is aptly named as Modern Love.

bridal modern love collection

More shots from the Modern Love Collection. This bow back. Divine, romantic, and sweet!

bow back bridal dress

popular bridal gown

bridal train

Offered to the guests of the show, graciously, of course !

Michal Medina

Michal Medina bridal show

michal medina Modern love

So… what does one wear to a bridal show. Well, if you are I, you would wear florals and feathers of course. Textured tights and two toned shoes.  A pearl head band would sit above your top knot, and your make-up would be minimal. Skirt is by  No. 21 and the blouse is from Workshop in Midtown East, a small chain of stores that are local.

Candid shots taken on the way back from the show are below. Mind you- the neighborhood is posh.

feather blouse with florals

ostrich feather blouse

NYC blogger wears feathers

So this is my visual diary of this fabulous day. There is something so heartening about romance and love. commitment and tradition . I was so pleased to enjoy this day. I hope you like this feature, too!

Stay safe, stay warm, and believe in Modern Love!             xoxoxo  Elle

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40 thoughts on “Modern Love In a New World

  1. Elle, I see you really enjoyed this day and I do understand you were so pleased! Love your wonderful look – you paired the floral skirt in a perfect way and I’m impressed again of the content of your closet! And the gowns are a dream, may all the women who wear these gowns be as happy during their marriage as on the wedding day. Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful post!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Here I am again. Even though you are stymming my pain with these pictures. I married without a bridal gown and it is still a sore spot. Long story.
    Anyway the gown is superb. And you looked fantastic. What a top, terrific with those feathers. Styled to perfection my dear.

    1. Yay!
      So happy to see you here! And I wore a dress that only cost 27 usd,and was a sample that was too large! Also a long story ! You can buy a gown now or a dress, and do a new ceremony…forget what it is called, like a reaffirmation of your vows. It could be a great party,abd you could get a fantastic dress.💕💕

  3. I love all the wedding dresses from he bridal show. I can see myself in one of these dresses, if I were to get married. Hopefully in the years to come I will be married, but I’m fine with the single life lol. I love your out from the feathers, to the floral print on your skirt. I want to be in your closet soooo bad! Always looking beautiful Elle.

  4. Oh I remember how busy the editors were during Bridal Week, it was non stop for them. This brand and line looks excellent. Love your snaps from the event! And yes we need to get together soon, will DM you.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

    1. Yes, the whole week felt like a mad dash. I took it easy thought, fortunately. This collection was fun to photograph and see. Lets have lunch soon!
      xoxo, Elle

    1. Aw, sorry it is cold there! Yes, I agree these gowns are lovely! Have a wonderful weekend, it was almost 80 here today! 🙂
      xoxo, Elle

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