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Anchoring a Style with a Plaid Skirt!



plaid skirt


is a subtle pattern for the basis of an outfit. It is fun to mix prints around the plaid.


plaid skirt styling

This plaid skirt lent my outfit blues, camels and browns!

A great color spring board!  I was free to add a floral in navy, green, and pinks. Since this plaid skirt has a turquoise base, it is an upbeat color, so I added a fun mix of pearls and texture. I was in a commercial garage; trés posh, yes?

Plaid skirt with faux fur

You remember these mirrored glasses, don’t you? They are Ferragamo and I bought them locally at Off Saks near me.  My booties are ruffled canvas, with kid heels and toes. I know it looks as though the chevron tights are ruffled, but they are not! Rather, those are courtesy the booties by Laurence Decade via Workshop.

A fun indoor shot of these below.

ruffled booties

It is such fun to mix plaid with floral! My example here of a plaid skirt is just one of many iterations. You can see I added many elements to this fun look. I hope you agree it is fun! The chevron and clipped mohair added texture. The two neutral tones of are a clean palette, lending some wiggle room for the pearl necklace with the gripoix, the studded gloves, and the Swarovski cuff.

The plaid skirt is the focal point of this outfit and is made by DKNY. It has pockets as well! The details shots are below with lots of details are pictured via my wondrous closet! I have been wearing this Mark Cross Grace bag to death!

styled outfit

I love plaid and floral, stripes and floral, gingham checks, and multi prints, and any interesting combination in both decor and in our wardrobes. A comfortable plaid skirt with pockets is a favorite!

You know my signature style is heavily eclectic.

What is your favorite way to wear plaids? Tell me, what is your most treasured plaid outfit staple? Everything I am wearing here is upcycled. The high-end consignment shops here in the city have been such great source for me.

Have a wonderful weekend!  To those out enjoying #NYFW, pace yourself and stay warm! 

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38 thoughts on “Anchoring a Style with a Plaid Skirt!

  1. I am so envious of your great consignment stores. With your keen eye, you pick out the best. You are right, the word eclectic describes your style best. I thought you were wearing socks in peeptoe shoes, but no, the peeptoe is a boot! Such fun shoes. I really like this outfit on you. It shows your guts and makes you unique. Somehow, you always make this pile-on style work. I admire you for this skill.

      1. Dearest Lieske,
        You are not alone. I posted this on Instagram also, and everyone thought I was wearing ruffled leggings. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. Have a wonderful week ahead! ❤️

    1. Thanks dear Greetje!
      I always choose pieces that speak to me and somehow I make them work. Usually I think this is a skill, and sometimes I think it is a happy coincidence. Either way I’m usually happy with the results. I am very grateful for your kind words, as always. This was a particularly fun photo shoot.
      You were not alone. Virtually everyone who saw this post thought the ruffles were not from the booties , and instead were part of very cool leggings. I wish! I would have bought them in every color available!.

  2. I know you said that the plaid skirt is the focal point, dear Ella, but I can’t take my eyes out of your boots! Simply amazing! I loved the color palette and you look so beautiful! As usual! You should be Vogue editor, no joke! Hope you have a lovely weekend! Hugs!

  3. Dear Elle. Wow, you are so daring in combining so many different styles and it always works out. You know what you are doing and you like what you are wearing and that shows. I love your confidence. Have an amazing weekend! Love, Lieske

    1. Thanks so much for those heartfelt words. They mean so much to me. It is true, my eclectic style is a creative energy that I thrive on.
      ❤️, Elle

  4. I know I say this a lot, but what a fabulous outfit! Your interplay of texture is artful, but the turquoise in the patterns both soothes and brightens the mix. I just went down the internet rabbit hole with Gripoix (is this an actual piece of Gripoix jewelry?? or an ‘inspired-by’? I love the art that is your fashion, Elle. Happy weekend, my dear!

    1. I thank you sincerely for this comment. Lol to the rabbit hol! It is an older piece, I think it is signed Chanel, but can’t see we’ll enough to confirm. It is not Gripoix Paris. I had fun styling this and wearing it. Lousy weather here… the coat is proenza schuller. Sp? Second hand from consignment, warm and light.

  5. You always layer so beautifully, and this outfit is no exception! 🙂 That jacket looks so perfectly cosy and the little touches with the ruffles and embellishment are beautiful 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂 It’s a quiet one here as it’s too hot to do anything much, another heatwave at the moment!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thanks Mica!
      I envy your hear wave, although I imagine that extreme is not great either. Cold and rainy here, this outfit was warm and cozy though,

  6. Elle, your outfit with the plaid and the florals is simply wonderful! My favourite plaid piece is my grey plaid blazer – it is one of my to go pieces and every time when I wear these blazer I feel good in it 🙂 But my looks with my plaid blazer are nothing in comparison with your look of today, you impress me with each single piece. Thanks a lot for the inspiration and have a wonderful new week.
    With love from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. I love your blazer, you have so many exquisite pieces and you style them so beautifully. Thank you so much for this wonderful complement. I wish you a wonderful week ahead.

  7. Such great styling as always! I would’ve never guessed the ruffled socks were attached to the shoes and are acutely a bootie, what a unique and beautiful pair of shoes! I absolutely love of all of these details, you look beautiful! Thanks for sharing and have a great week ahead!



  8. It’s been awhile since I’ve commented, but I’m still watching. Elle, this look is so fun and vivacious and adventurous…and so very Elle. I love it. The gloves…oh my…the gloves. They are gorgeous!

    1. I am so glad that you like this look. I know we are both fans of pattern mixing. I’m going away this week so I will not be able to see your beautiful blog, but I can’t wait to see you soon back online. Stay well and have a wonderful week .

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