Style Fashion Week New York – Malan Breton Shines

Malan Breton’s Unique Design Genius


Style Fashion Week New York

On February 8th, I had the pleasure to attend Style Fashion Week New York.

The luxurious Cipriani was the perfect destination for this venue. International designers showcased their collections amidst a colorful and expansive art market. All photos are mine, with one exception, clearly credited to a wonderful photographer.

So much visual beauty was a wonderful contrast to the stark, cold and dull winter day. I commend Style Fashion Week New York for this energizing mix!

The shows were fabulous; energetic and dazzling. My favorite was Malan Breton, for his exquisite use of rich fabrications and unique design genius.

Below I start with a breathtaking gown from Malan Breton. The silhouette and lush fabric speaks for itself.

Malan Breton Style Fashion Week New York

More shots below from the self-taught designer. Style Fashion Week New York did a fabulous job with every detail of this event. Luminous talent , such as this, came off without a hitch.

Malan Breton: Cryptocurrency Visionary

NYFW Malan Breton

Malan Breton is a warm and enigmatic persona. He is also quite relevant in both design trends and future marketing strategies. For instance,  Malan Breton is the first designer to become a part of the cryptocurrency phenomenon, opening the first blockchain-based online retail fashion shop in a partnership with Tokenly, and SohoMuse. This is quite a phenomenon .

More shots from his show, to be augmented later, in a future post.

black gown by Malan Breton

A great shot via @smagazineuk featuring New Year’s Eve Fashion and  the Ming gown, with credit also to @sohomuse_inc.

NYE gown Malan Breton

Is there anything that dazzles more than a full sweep of skirt of saturated silk rendered in layers upon layers? Nah!

couture skirt

Runway photo NYFW2018

Breton is known for his bespoke suits for men, as well as his luxe gowns for women, below is a perfect example of both. I created this montage from shots I took at the event. The lighting at Style Fashion Week New York was just right.

bespoke suits Malan Breton

Graciously, and with his signature warmth, Malan Breton exits and takes a bow to thunderous applause.

Style New York Malan Breton

Malan Breton takes a bow

Below, a shot of me wearing a Prada tweed skirt with a Chanel tweed jacket , a perfect example of my signature style of rich textures and mixed pattern play. You saw a similar outfit that I wore here, at an art opening.

Blogger wearing Chanel for NYFW

I hope you made it through this busy and rainy week. I know it has been one extreme or another, for just about all of my friends. Let me know how you are! Did you follow NYFW? If not, no worries, there is more to come on all The Elle Diaries media platforms, from my blog and many others.

Lots of coverage for Style Fashion Week New York !

I will leave you with Malan’s Breton’s motto:


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37 thoughts on “Style Fashion Week New York – Malan Breton Shines

    1. I could too. I can see that these designs would appeal to your aesthetic. They were so beautiful in person. L Would most definitely Look fabulous in one of these Suits !!
      ❤️ Elle

    1. It was a wonderful runway show. I was grateful that I felt well enough to go. I’m glad you like the designs.
      ❤️ Elle

    1. I will share as much as I can, I was able to attend some shows but not as many as I was hoping to. Unfortunately I got a little bit sick during fashion week. Have a great week !

    1. This was really fun to be attending Just like the theater the experience of being there is exciting, plus all the fashionistas dress up and they are also quite enjoyable to see !

  1. Wow, this Style Fashion Week New York was amazing! I loooved everything you showed here, but I am in love with the silver sequined dress! It’s incredible! And you looked so elegant, as usual! I loved the shirt underneath the mid-sleeved jacket and the belt! Always chic and beautiful! Hope you have a great day, dear Elle!

    1. Thank you Denise it was really exciting to be there. The designs in the gowns were beautiful to see. I wish you a wonderful week.

  2. Elle, how wonderful you visited this show! You look perfect as usual! And how you describe the designer you can really see in the fashion he designed! Thanks for taking us with you as I belong to those who aren’t following the NYFW 🙂
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Yes it was for me as well! I wish I could have done more this season, but it has been a tough one for me. Yes to next year !
      ❤️ Elle

    1. Stay cool beautiful. It was a wonderful show to see and I was glad I was able to see that show and a few others.
      ❤️ Elle

  3. Wow, you impress as much as the runway, Elle! I love that combo suit you put together. And what an exciting day it must have been. Great photos too. Thanks for sharing your view.

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