Glitter boots: Silver & Gold Holiday Season

The Holidays are here ! I am wearing silver glitter boots, inspired by the fabulous Saint Laurent Niki boots from Fall 2017.

 I am also wearing gold brocade, with simple black skinnies to separate these hues, for a festive look this year.  A touch of teal and emerald green,  and I am as colorful as I want to be. The glitter boots are so vivid, I avoided multi color prints and color.

glitter boots with denim

I am indoors, waiting for my family to come home. I have just tidied and cleaned, and my fridge is full . This shot has me looking down and that is okay. I could say I am in repose, but frankly, I am a bit lost in thought.  I liked this candid and it captures a mood, so I am sticking with it.

I am wearing a gold brocade blouse from Anthropolgie. It is several years old but remains a classic in my book.  I bought it at LVIS two years ago. It is beautifully made and lined , so I can skip wearing a bra. I love when blouses or dressed have that feature! You have seen these Willam Rast skinnies here and here . They are deep indigo with the right amount of give- not too tight, but just right.

When I saw the fabulous, but super pricey boots that slayed the runway last fall,  I was wowed. But $10, 000 boots are not something that I could, or would buy,  as much as I admire them. The Saint Laurent Niki boots were made of approximately 3,000 swarovski crystals. The diamanté slouchy boot was icy captivation!

Fast forward to last week when I found a pair in both my size and my price point! They are well made and actually comfortable,  breathing glittery glamour into virtually any outfit. You can shop them here by Stuart Weitzman,  and here at NastyGal.  Glitter boots are not for everyone, but they are really festive and look fabulous the bootie version too, and then are a bit more toned down.

I am in East Hampton for Christmas week and will share below some pretty holiday shots from this lovely town; quiet and festive this time of year.

Christmas in the Hamptons



I know this is not a typical holiday outfit. But I think you will enjoy seeing these over-the-top glitter boots. I will post a separate feature of the whole outfit soon, but I wanted to check in before Christmas and say hello.

I hope things are Merry and Bright. For those who do not celebrate Christmas, I hope you too, are enjoying this holiday season.

So fashionistas. Glitter boots? Yay or Nay? Maybe a toned down versions with the booties?  How about these from Jimmy Choo, or these fabulous booties, my favorite but also pricey ! But the black bow and point toes! Perfect! These are gorgeous too, also Jimmy Choo, but on sale. I will do a Polyvore post soon, with a broader range of price points.

Happy, Merry and, Cheers!

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41 thoughts on “Glitter boots: Silver & Gold Holiday Season

  1. Now it worked, dear Elle, I have received the post in my inbox! Totally yay for glitter boots, I loved them and I am glad you found them with the price you liked! True, 10,000 for boots, I wouldn’t feel good paying. You look amazing and I loved the pensive mood and the gold Anthropologie top! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Many hugs!

    1. I am so glad. Thank you for the extra effort in subscribing again. Wishing you joy, peace, and beauty for the holidays.
      Xoxo, Elle

  2. Elle, your glitter boots are really fantastic and perfect for this season! How you combined them is perfect. I have to admit I bought a similar pair of glitter boots as I was also inspired by the Saint Laurent boots 🙂
    Have wonderful and happy holidays!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Thanks so much Ally! They were fun to wear, and I will enjoy incorporating these into future outfits. Wishing you a joyous season, and beyond.

      Xoxo, Elle

  3. I love the silver boots with the gold top it’s perfect for the season and looks amazing on you , happy holidays Elle 🎉🍾

    1. Thank you sincerely!
      They were only fifty dollars, and much more comfortable than I imagined.
      I hope you are enjoying the holidays and are well!
      Xoxo, Elle

      1. I know, so inexpensive! Wait until you see the dress I bought for 11.99…. if I dare to post it.. ❤️Elle

  4. Thanks Allie,
    These are only 50 USD, not badly priced , and comfortable! Yes, that would be nuts… and lots of nutty stuff going on…
    happy holidays !

    1. Thanks beautiful!
      I really enjoy wearing these sparkly boots!,
      I hope 2018 is off to a wonderful start!
      Xoxo, Elle

  5. Thanks sweet friend.
    Yes I saw them there and always appreciate the good value of that company.
    I hope this new year is off to a great start!
    Xoxo, Elle

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