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Hello friends. I promised you a shopping post for crystal boots from my last holiday outfit post. Just in time for the New Year’s Eve , find many options for this fun way to shine!

I was pleased to know many of you liked these and some of you already own them. For those that don’t, here are some suggestions on where to buy crystal boots or booties.

First I will refresh your memory. I wore a brocade blouse in gold, Willam Rast skinny jeans, bought locally, and crystal boots from  in downtown Manhattan near TopShop. My Anthropologie top was $5.00,  thrifted at LVIS in Long Island.  My boots were $50.00 ! Below a snap of just the boots. Then,  some shopping sets , two from Polyvore,  to give you shopping specifics !

Crystal boots Nordstrom Rackpolypore set for glitter bootsAldo Claira Bootspolypore set for glitter bootsStuart Weitzman Smashing Sparkle knee boots

There is a broad range of these boots, both in quality, style, and price! Mine at $49.99 were one of the least expensive. They are made by Cape Robbin and if you look at the polypore links, there is a few pair left at Nordstrom Rack for just $37.00.  You can also try Ebay for these- there is a pair for $35.99 including free shipping ! This is the least expensive price point for these. None of these quite compare to the well know Niki Boots in Swarovski crsytal,  by Saint Laurent, but these are affordable.

 I will say that the glitter does come off a bit when the boots rub against one another, but I believe this will happen to all of the boots,  unless you get the kind with swarovski crystals set in.  It is pretty minimal, but please keep this in mind!

These crystal boots from Aldo are also fabulous.   I will confess that I adore the Miu Miu Silver glitter sock boots too, from – linked in one of the sets. They are expensive but so, so chic.  I adore the “Smashing Sparkle Knee Boot” version from , as well; they are pricey, but leather lined and well made.

Below are a photo of the links from the Polyvore sets. Please go to my Polyvore site for the active links, and to see more sources for crystal boots.

crystal boots links from Polyporelinks for crystal boots

I hope you enjoyed this shopping feature! What will you wear for New Year’s Eve? I hope you shine!the elle diaries

26 thoughts on “Shop It / Crystal Boots Trend 2017

  1. Thank you for this post!! I just love boots and especially booties!! I’m putting together an outfit with knee boots and a dress, probably with tights. So many possibilities!!

    1. I am so glad Patti! I am sure your outfit will be fantastic! I hope you share!
      Yes, always…so many possibilities!
      Xoxo, Elle

  2. I loved the boots before and I loved them now, dear Elle! The ones by Aldo are really gorgeous and the price is fine too, for such a special treat! Still time to buy and wear them on new year’s eve – but I’ll have to wear them next year – they are timeless anyway! I hope you have a fantastic new year with a lot of joy, success, health, happiness and may NY be always safe! Hugs!

    1. I agree, these seem trendy, but are not really. I saw a pair o loved three years ago and almost bought them, but they were too expensive.
      I wish you happy holidays!
      Xoxo, Elle

    1. You remember well. These are, no doubt inspired by the 10,000 version from Saint Laurent!
      And they were drop dead gorgeous!
      Xoxo. Elle

  3. The second I saw these boots first appear, I knew they’d be a hit. Perfect for ladies who want to add sparkle and pizzazz to their appearance. You have the brio and fashion-sense to do that!

  4. They are such stunning boots, and so affordable, wow! They look a lot more expensive that $50, what a bargain! A very fun statement pair 🙂

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are having a great week! It’s hard to believe there are just a couple of days left in 2017! A happy new year to you.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. Yes, they are a bit over the top, but I like them.
    I mamsire your friend’s boots are fabulous, they one with Swarovski crystal are works of art!
    Xoxo, Elle

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