Taffeta Snowshine / Festive Dresses for NYE

Festive Dresses for New Year’s Eve

The New Year is upon is and I am delighted! I chose amongst my festive dresses and found one just right for a quiet dinner party that we will enjoy for the holiday. Chocolate brown taffeta with self appliqué and a muted bouclé jacket shot with metallic accents are topped off by bold brass buttons!

taffeta dress for NYE

But here’s a major fashion question: Does it work with snow!  LOL! Yes, but I will have to change into beaded booties in black when I am ready to be outside, but may change back into these, which are really comfortable. I am wearing a braided headband, and you have seen it here and here.

Inside, it is a beautiful to look out and see the ripples of snow on the deck and icing hanging delicately upon the trees. It has been an tumultuous year, but I am in the mood to celebrate. I was deciding between skinny jeans dressed up with a sequined jacket, which better for the cold weather, but then perused my festive dresses in my closet as they were all winking at me with various sorts of embellishments. I gave in. This one is comfy, with the full skirt, and makes a delightful swoosh with the tulle underskirt.

festive dresses for New Years Eve

I perused a fabulous selection of LBD’s and festive dresses from Polyvore and Shopbop, but first I shopped my closet.

I was tempted by this, but am happy with what I have already. This blue velvet  by AlexaChung via mytheresa is stunning and on sale, so I am sharing it, as an outfit inspiration.

The embroidered bag is a gift from a friend. I love the workmanship and color palette. It is perfect with this outfit. The earrings, bold, and golden are fun to wear as well. Below a closeup.

vintage pearl earrings

And because I can… I hung the earrings from a lighting fixture that is 14 feet high off the ground.. Don’t ask…LOL.

pearl earrings fashion photography

A cozy fire, is much appreciated this frigid and snowy day.

cozy fireplace

For fun, a shot of what I wore for Christmas two years ago, when it was warm enough to not even wear a coat. What a difference 2 years make! The fringed gloves are Hermés, a second hand treasure!

fashion blogger wearing Hermés

Below, I am inside and you can see how snowy and starkly white it is outside. It was hard editing these photos because of the brightness, but the bright white light was a pleasure to see. I will add a faux fur cape to this as an extra layer.

embroidered dress for the holidays

If I get time, read: snowed in and addicted to Polyvore — I will do a post on festive dresses for NYE ! In the meantime I wish you a wonderful holiday. I hope this New Year brings joy, personal growth, fulfillment, and good health to you and yours!

What are you doing for NYE? What are you wearing? What are you wishing most for?

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57 thoughts on “Taffeta Snowshine / Festive Dresses for NYE

  1. Shopping our closet can be the best goal for the new year!! I know I’m guilty of always wanting something new, but I already have some fabulous things!!
    Just like this dress!! It’s incredible!!
    Enjoy your New Year’s celebration, Elle!!

    1. Yes, we bloggers have good closets!
      Happy new year 🎊
      Enjoy and thank you for following me on my blogging journey!
      Xoxo, Elle

  2. Love the dress and that fantastic handbag.

    Yes…what a difference two years can make! I long for that warmer weather.

    We are staying in this year and I’m kind of glad with the severe weather. I haven’t decided what to wear yet. I’ve picked up a few pieces from Anthro on super sale recently and have a feeling it might be one of them.

    Happy New Year!


    1. Me, too, I don’t like to cold, but enjoy a brief cold snap
      A good excuse to hibernate and read…
      You will choose well Suzanne!
      Happy 2018! 🎈🎊

  3. I’m definitely shopping my own closet this New Years – I have a sequin dress in there that has basically gone unworn for at least a year and a half and I’m looking forward to dusting it off for tonight.

    Thanks as well for your thoughtful comment on my blog post. Those early months of motherhood are, well, heady to say the least!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. What a wonderful dress! I love the rich cocoa colour and the full skirt (you know me and full skirts!). I’m also shopping my closet for New Year’s – I have many lovely dresses, and want to make sure none are neglected.

    A Happy New Year to you this evening! Hugs,

  5. Glamorous and cozy with the warm coat! The little purse is just exquisite! And of course your ceiling lights need some of your whimsical touch!
    Snow makes everything even prettier, doesn’t it?
    Happy New Year, lovely Elle! May it be just as wonderful as you are!

    1. Yes, when it comes or embellishments… there is no stopping me…
      Yes, it does!
      I wish you the best in the new year!

  6. Happy New year dear friend! I LOVE this look! The rich brown print and pattern with the contrast of the plaid jacket looks so beautiful. I love boucle and winter coats and am sure i would have more if i didn’t live in the South. It is unseasonally cold here too and need to work on indoor pics! The delicate earrings and bag are a lovely touch.
    heres to a Happy and Healthy 2018!
    jess xx

    1. Yes, I know you would!
      I am sorry it is cold there too, but you bundle up beautifully!
      I wish you a happy and healthy new year!!
      Xoxo, Elle

    1. I do love this dress and the swoosh of it.
      You can wear what you please and look excellent.
      Just make sure to showcase those legs!
      Happy new year, and thank you for following me here!
      Xoxo, Elle

  7. The chocolate brown taffeta is stunning, good choice! Was hoping to see the black beaded booties!

    I did not dress up for NYE as I had a quiet dinner and movies at home with a dear friend. It was very relaxed and felt like the best way for me to meet the new year.

    I just subscribed to your blog, I’m looking forward to reading more posts.


    1. Thanks Bettye !
      Happy New Year to you as well!

      A quiet dinner with friends sounds perfect, and comfortable clothes are a bonus.
      Looking forward to your posts as well.
      Xoxo, Elle

  8. Oh that is such a beautiful dress! I love that jacket with it, the colours and textures are such a nice mix. You did good shopping your wardrobe and wearing this gem too, how nice you could enjoy it! 🙂

    Happy new year! Hope that 2018 is off to an amazing start for you, and you had a wonderful Christmas time.

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thanks sweet friend!
      I do try to shop my closet first. At my age It is
      I had a wonderful holiday and know you did too from following you,
      Love, Elle

  9. I love tafeta and loved your outfit, dear Elle, as usual, always gorgeous and elegant! I looved the snow outside! OK, I won’t ask how you managed to hand the earrings there… and they are very beautiful! The friend who gave you that lovely bag must be really nice! I hope you have a very beautiful 2018, Elle, may you stay always lovely, case you are one of the kindest girls I know! Hugs!

    1. Thanks dearest Denise!
      My friend is indeed so sweet!
      The snow was beautiful to see from the warmth of indoors!
      Happy weekend.
      Xoxo. Elle

    1. Thanks Patti,
      It was a fun and comfortable mix.
      I miss the sun and sand ! Lol!
      I think you must have had a bit of cold there too?
      Love, Elle

  10. Elle, what you shopped in your closet is absolutely wonderful! Both the dress and the coat are a dream! And I’m happy to read you were in the mood to celebrate. We had a wonderful NYE in a hotel, the motto was “Las Vegas” 🙂
    Happy New Year!
    With love from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Thanks inspiring friend!
      It was fun and comfortable to wear— half the battle!
      Easy to celebrate when cozy!
      Xoxo, Elle

  11. You made the right choice, Elle. This chocolate brown dress is excellent and works beautifully with your coat and bag. All eyes on Elle when you walked into the room. Happy, Happy New Year!!

    1. Thanks Glenda ,
      It was a quick and impromptu choice that felt comfortable.
      I hope this new year is off to a wonderful start!
      Xoxo, Elle

  12. Ah taffeta I have not worn this in ages, just ages. This is a lovely dress and yes perfect for NYE. I did nothing this year. Was not up to it all. Not a good year at all. Stayed home and watched a marathon of GOT and went to bed.

    And yes I remember when it was 70 degrees on Christmas!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

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