A Red Bag to Fight the Winter Blues

 A  tip: a red bag helps fight winter blues. True for me, at least.  It is so icy and white here is almost opaque.  I wear a ladylike, structured bag from Lanzetti. It cheers me a bit, like a delivery of fresh, crimson roses to my doorstep. Well, almost.

blogger wears red bag

I added some punch to my winter white perforated skirt, with a black mock neck tee, and a red bag in textured hair calf, vegan, I think, with python trim bought years ago on eBay.

I also wore a lot of bling; rings in many colors,  to keep some of the left over New Year’s sparkle directly in sight.

I wanted to provide some “shop-small” ideas of where to find a red bag. I started at Shoptiques for this,  as it is a great source for many small boutiques. I love supporting small business, and I also like having something that is not something everyone will be wearing.

So Below, I will start with bags one and two , both via Shoptiques .

fringed red bag

Below, choices 3 and 4 . Both are unique and distinctive. Both are fire engine red! Vroom!

Alesca Fashion bag

Choices 5 and 6 are also favorites of mine. The red bag from Cartier is a relative bargain from Tradesy,  and is an enduring classic. Doctor bags are also a long time love, and this one, the Monalisa,  is well made and distinctive.

Cartier red bag

Below, two luxe bags that I had to include. One is a newer model by Hermés called the Halzan mini bag, -7- it has a unique equestrian flair that is the trademark of Hermês. Swoon worthy , right?   The second is a favorite, somewhat-under-the-radar bag for luxe lovers; the Mark Cross Grace bag, -8- .

You have seen me wear this in black here and here. I was lucky to buy it second-hand years ago, in pristine condition.

Hermés Halzan mini bag

So how are you enduring the cold, or the heat wave? It seems that most are dealing with one extreme or the other.

Would you carry a red bag, or do you stay with the more classic colors of black and brown. Which of these bags speak to you?

I hope this week is a wonderful one for you!

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29 thoughts on “A Red Bag to Fight the Winter Blues

  1. I understand your love of red bags for a little pick-me-up. You put it so well – like roses to your doorstep. I think I’d go for the fringed bag but thankfully I have avoided that addiction so far. My toolbox hand bag and lunchbox bag suffice for the moment. I am afraid I’ll succumb one of these days!

  2. Love a bold red bag. It adds some spice to any outfit and yours is stunning. I love that classic shape. I have a 1950’s vintage one that I’ve kept for myself. Although I don’t often use it I love knowing that it is there for me should I want to.


  3. Morning Elle!
    Your bag is so fabulous! I love the shape, a classic lady like shape with an edge 🙂 i love a red bag and would love to add one to my collection. I have a red clutch. #3 and 5 are my favorites, classic looking! Wishing you too a Healthy and Blessed New Year my friend!
    jess xx

  4. Loved numbers 3, 6 and 7, dear Elle! And your bag as well! Loved the rings and the white perforated skirt! You always look so beautiful and fashionable! I agree with you – the “uglier” the weather, the more we can wear bold colors! I remember once reading a blogger who wrote “now that spring started, I can wear other colors rather than brown and black”. I commented that I respected her opinion, but she could always wear other colors in the winter, too. She was offended and I was then “persona non grata” 🙂 Well done, I love your outfits! Hope you have a beautiful week!

    1. I cannot, and my wildest imagination, think of you as a Persona non-Grata .
      Thanks beautiful friend, have a fabulous week !
      Xoxo, Elle

  5. I carried a red bag for about a year, then had to switch to a crossbody style due to shoulder issues. I still have the red one, but I never use it. I’m an anomaly among women: I don’t get the whole bag thing. I carry the same purse every day, and I rarely do a bag as part of an outfit.

  6. I love to add colours to my winter outfits and this red bag is gorgeous. I don’t own a red bag, I need to find a nice one asap!! xx


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